My Day in Front of the Camera

'I hear the leaves in the trees as they rustle in the breeze up above.
I feel the warmth of your hand, leading me to a wonderland of Whispering Love.'

I'm only there for a few seconds in close-up and I look like a singing version of Mount Rushmore. That low angle shot and the loud cowboy shirt that's three sizes too small makes me look more like Sydney Greenstreet than Frank Sinatra.

Still, the vocal pipes still seem to work, even at the very top of my range, and my song, which goes on in the background of the pub for a couple of minutes while the villain Deacon Bradshaw schemes, is a catchy one. Judge for yourself: listen to it once and I guarantee it, you'll be hearing those leaves rustling in the breeze long after the closing credits have rolled. As a 1950s Hollywood publicity man might have written:

It's a song you'll always remember
In a film you'll never forget.

The song is called Whispering Love and it's performed by me, with my long-standing musical director Brendan Gill on keyboards. I've been in enough shabby working mens' clubs in the North East and dodgy seaside holiday hotels on the South Coast to know the kind of austere, minimalist sound those kind of Saturday night pub singers usually have to settle for--just basic keyboards and a drum machine, so that's the sound we opted for here.

Here's a few lines about me, director Hadi Hajaig and the making of the film:

My part in Blue Iguana began as an unnamed karaoke singer, singing on stage in a sleazy old pub while the film's main villain Deacon Bradshaw (Peter Ferdinando) and his gang hatched their nefarious plans at the bar.

After an extensive nationwide talent search, writer-producer-director Hadi Hajaig decided that his old 'A' Level Film Studies teacher from way back in 1990, yours truly, would be the ideal choice for the role....



The Blue Iguana and I

Image copyright UK Film Studio Productions/Hadi Hajaig, used by permission.